At Pathfinder, we utilize the following phase system to provide our residents with objective ways to measure their progress through our program.

Phase I

(Minimum 6 Weeks)

  • Residents attend all Orientation groups
  • Obtain a sponsor within fourteen (14) days of admission
  • Meet in person with sponsor on a regular basis
  • Must work steps one, two, three and start step four with a sponsor
  • Must continue any treatment recommendations from referring agency
  • Consistently complete household chores including kitchen duty
  • Attending required off-site recovery meetings
  • Attending on-site recovery meetings
  • Must obtain full time employment of at least 35 hours per week or be a full-time student
  • If a resident is unable to work due to a disability, he must volunteer at least 20 hours a week at an agency approved by Pathfinder staff
  • Residents must sign in and out any time leaving property. Must see staff face to face for approval before leaving.
  • Must check vehicle keys in and out anytime leaving property
  • Complete requirements for State issued I.D. Card and/or Social Security Card if needed
  • Apply for food stamps
  • Complete any assignments assigned by staff
  • Consistent effort to cooperate with staff, peers & guidelines contained in the Resident Manual
  • Complete six (6) hours of documented service work

Phase II

(Minimum 6 Weeks)

  • Continue to meet with sponsor in person on a regular basis
  • Must complete steps four and five with a sponsor
  • Follow through with scheduled appointments (medical, mental health, GED classes, etc….)
  • Continue completing daily chores
  • Continue developing healthy relationship with peers and staff
  • Continue attending all scheduled meetings and outside recovery meetings
  • Share and participate in group meetings
  • Complete six (6) hours of documented service work

Phase III

(Minimum 12 Weeks) 

  • Maintain previous goals
  • Continue to meet with sponsor on a regular basis
  • Must complete steps six through ten with a sponsor
  • Develop plan to pay personal bills (courts, child support, etc….) and save money for independent living
  • Regularly communicate with sponsor and working twelve steps in order
  • Honestly reviewing progress toward goals with staff
  • Consistently role modeling appropriate behaviors
  • Demonstrating healthy relationships with peers and staff
  • Meeting goals on weekend passes
  • Develop independent living plan
  • Develop new goals if requesting an extension
  • Develop a discharge plan
  • Secure housing if planning to discharge after completing Phase III
  • Complete twelve (12) hours of documented service work
  • Tell your story at a 12-step Meeting

Phase IV

(Maximum 26 Weeks)

  • Maintain all previous goals.
  • Continue to meet with sponsor on a regular basis
  • Residents in Phase IV will be allowed to move into one of the residences as space becomes available
  • Must complete steps 11 and 12 with a sponsor
  • Attend at least one 12-step meeting each day. Any meeting at the Pathfinder will count as meeting this requirement
  • Meet with Pathfinder staff when requested
  • Follow through with plans to pay personal bills, saving money and budgeting
  • Continue to work on discharge plan including plan for housing
  • Role model for Phase I, II and III residents
  • Complete one (1) hour of documented service work for each week you are a resident in Phase IV

Once a resident completes all three phases, he will be entitled to a completion certificate.  This can be accomplished in twenty-four (24) weeks but may take longer depending on the resident’s progress.  If a resident wishes to apply for a 30-day extension, he may do so by submitting a written application to Pathfinder staff.

If a resident wants to transition to Phase IV, he must submit an application to staff as he nears completion of Phase III.

To review our entire Resident Manual, please click on the following link:

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Pathfinder Resident Manual