The Pathfinder is a non-profit, transitional residential sober living program in Huntsville, Alabama, for men who are serious about recovering from their drug and alcohol addictions but need extra support as they rebuild their lives.


Drug and alcohol addiction happens to people in all walks of life. Chances are, you know someone struggling to cope with the need for chemical substances. Substance abuse is often referred to as a “family” disease because of its effect on the entire family. The negative impact on family relationships is profound and can have consequences that last for generations.


The Pathfinder offers hope for men who are determined to break the cycle of addiction. We provide a structured environment in which clients can take the journey of recovery one day at a time.


There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a person break the chains of addiction and experience freedom again.  The Pathfinder is absolutely, 100% dedicated to helping you overcome addiction and succeed in life.